Reasons to Install Vertical Blinds in Your Home

If you're considering window covering options, you might be torn between diverse styles. To help you make a decision, here are several benefits of vertical blinds.


Vertical blinds can help create the illusion of more space in a room, particularly when they fall to the floor. They achieve this look because of their repetitive structure of tall, vertical slats. This vertical focus gives the appearance of a taller window and a higher ceiling, contributing to the illusion of a larger room. Thus, you can use these blinds to visually expand a room.

Light Control

Vertical blinds allow various options for light control. The slats are relatively wide, helping to block incoming light and darken a room if you angle them closed. You can also adjust the slats for filtered illumination. Vertical blinds use diverse materials that block light in different ways. They can, for instance, use vinyl or cloth. Certain types, such as Veri shades, use translucent screening material, lending the coverings a soft, floating effect and allowing for the passage of subdued light.

Soft Effect

Vertical blinds add a level of softness to windows that other types of blinds lack. Venetian and plantation blinds, for example, are made of harder materials such as wood and aluminium and so have a more angular appearance. While roller blinds are made of fabric, their rectangular construction is more solid than the vertical blind's falling perpendicular slats, especially when made of floaty fabric. As a result, vertical blinds are an excellent alternative to curtains if you're looking for a more streamlined appearance but still want a similar softness.

Wide Windows

Vertical blinds' construction is particularly well-suited to large, expansive windows. Since each slat hangs from the top, you can stack blinds together to give the appearance of a single covering. In comparison, other types of blinds, such as roller and Venetian, may require many blinds to cover a vast window area. Each one will be easily distinguishable from the next. The breadth of the window will be broken up by the joints between the blinds. In contrast, a row of vertical blinds will appear more streamlined.

Easy to Clean

Vertical blinds are easy to clean as the slats are wide and continuous. They allow you to quickly dust the surface. You can also remove individual slats for cleaning. On the other hand, Venetian and plantation blinds have more nooks and crannies that can collect dust. And the horizontal louvres of these blinds collect more dust than vertical slats.

To learn more, contact a local window treatment supplier that offers products like Veri shades.

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