Why Build a Carport With a Flat Roof?

Carport roofs come in various designs. You can choose a gabled style or use a skillion roof that slopes down from the side of your house. As an alternative, you can go for a flat roof. These roofs still have enough pitch to allow rainwater to drain away but sit on the carport's structure.

What are the benefits of installing a flat-roofed carport?

Get a Better Match With Your Home's Roof

If your home has a flat roof, then adding a gabled or sloped carport might not be the best match. The carport might look out of place in the overall style of the property. Here, a flat roof would fit in better. It would look like it belonged to the house.

Save Money on Carport Costs

Gabled and skillion roofs tend to cost more than flat roofs. They use more materials and might need special reinforcement.

The materials you need for a flat roof are typically cheaper and easier to install. This could reduce the overall costs of the carport.

Avoid Losing Too Much Space

Roofs that have a gable or slope take up more room. A gable needs clearance above it its middle section; a skillion roof sits high at one side, so you need sufficient space for the higher end.

A carport with a flat roof has a smaller footprint. You don't need to have excess space above your vehicle. The roof gives you enough clearance and ventilation room without wasting space. So, if you don't have a lot of room to spare, this is likely to be the most compact solution.

Get Easier Maintenance

If you need to do maintenance work or repairs on your carport's roof, then you need to feel secure about getting on to the roof and walking around on it. You might not feel confident doing this on a gabled or sloped roof. You might decide to get a contractor in to do the work. This can increase your costs.

If you have a flat roof, things get safer. If you're confident working at a significant height, then all you need to do is to get on the roof. As long as it is structurally sound and can take your weight, then you can walk around easily on the flat surface.

Utilise the Roof Space

Sometimes, you might want to use the space on your carport's roof. For example, it might look like a good place for an air conditioning unit, satellite dish or solar panels. These devices might not fit so well on sloped roofs, which might need extra reinforcements. You'll also have limited space to play with.

A flat roof gives you more free space. If it is solid and stable, then it can hold these items without extra reinforcements. As such, to learn more about the benefits of a flat roof, ask a carports supplier for advice.

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