Step-by-step process of cleaning your shutters

Window shutters are often times both decorative and functional. They serve to control natural light in your living space while also guaranteeing privacy and insulation. From an aesthetic perspective, they add beauty and personality to your home. Yet, your shutters may become stained and dirty if neglected. Whether you are cleaning for guests during the holiday festivities or simply playing catch up after ignoring your shutters for too long, the following tips on shutter cleaning should make your job a walk in the park. Making sure you are using the appropriate cleaning method will help keep your shutters in excellent condition for several years to come.

Gather the Right Tools

  • Vacuum cleaner featuring soft brush attachment
  • Toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Wood polish

1. On a weekly basis, use your vacuum cleaner hose together with the soft brush attachment to lightly vacuum your wood or plantation shutters and rid them of pet hair, bugs, and dust. Alternatively, you can dust your shutter slats using a microfiber cloth. Next, wipe each slat using a slightly wet cloth to get rid of stains and fingerprints.

2. On a monthly basis, spray a microfiber cloth with wood polish and rub it along the slats following your regular cleaning. If using a step stool or a ladder, make sure it is positioned on firm, even ground while you try reaching your shutters.

3. Some shutters may have some tiny crevices and grooves that gather dust and dirt over time. Spray a toothbrush with furniture polish and brush the debris away from the crevices to guarantee a spotless finish.

4. Avoid using soapy water to clean your wood or plantation shutters. Wood and water are arch-rivals because water inflicts damage and warping on wood.

Cleaning vinyl shutters is almost the same as cleaning wood shutters although there are small, notable differences.

1. The first step is the same as that of cleaning wood shutters which involves vacuuming the shutters to get rid of debris build-up.

2. Next, dip a cloth in a mixture of dish soap and water solution (sudsy solution) and run it along the slats thoroughly. To reach those hard-to-reach areas such as crevices, immerse the toothbrush in sudsy solution and clean those areas.

3. Then, dip a second cloth in clean water and mop up the soap residue.

4. Finally, use a dry towel to wipe the shutters.

Follow these steps if you want to maintain clean shutters with lasting beauty. Contact local contractors to learn more about shutter installation, repair and maintenance.

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