Stunning Window Treatments for Your Bathroom

Because most bathrooms have frosted windows, you might think that it is impossible to see inside. However, with the light on and only a delicate level of frosting on your bathroom window, it might be a bit more revealing than you think. Therefore, it is always important to consider privacy for a bathroom window treatment as well as style. What are the best window treatments for a bathroom?


Some people think that curtains have no place on bathroom windows. However, few people also think that a shower curtain is not a practical proposition. These days, more and more custom made curtains are destined for use in bathrooms and en-suites. Modern fabrics mean that custom made curtains can be produced from materials that don't succumb to wet environments just like shower curtains. Many offer anti-mildew properties which means they'll last a long time. What's more drawn bathroom curtains give you complete privacy.

Roller Blinds

With only a few metal components that are needed, contemporary roller blinds are now made which are almost entirely fabricated from PVC, a material which is absolutely fine in wet rooms and bathrooms. All of the major moving parts can be constructed from this material which is usually finished in brilliant white to suit the look of most bathrooms. If you opt for a sensible material for the blind itself, such as polyvinyl, then they are easy to clean and won't suffer from moisture. A roller blind has the advantage of being able to drop down over the top part of the window to provide privacy whilst still allowing light in.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Although you should avoid natural materials, like wood, for Venetian blinds in a bathroom, aluminium is a very good alternative choice. Opt for a powder coated aluminium slat when selecting which sort of blind you want because this will offer a great deal of resistance to moisture. In fact, aluminium Venetian blinds are ideal for all humid environments so they are a good choice for steam rooms and saunas as well as bathrooms.

Adhesive Frosting

If you think that your frosted windows look fine as they are but don't provide enough privacy, then you can augment their ability to shield prying eyes by simply sticking on a layer of frosted plastic. All that is needed is to cut it to size. Only apply it onto a clean, dry window. Thereafter, it will be quite happy in a wet environment.

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