4 Reasons to Pick an Aluminium Awning for Your Home Instead of a Canvas Awning

Adding an awning to your home lets you sit outside and enjoy the weather without having the sun shining right down on you or the rain soaking you. After deciding you want an awning, you'll need to choose between canvas and aluminium. Canvas awnings do cost less, but aluminium awnings still tend to be the smarter choice, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Aluminium Awnings Are More Durable

Probably the most compelling reason to buy an aluminium awning instead of a canvas one is that aluminium awnings are far more durable. They tend to be more strongly anchored to your properly, and they won't act like a sail and get blown away during storms or periods of strong winds. They're incredibly tough to damage, and the colours of an aluminium awning won't fade in the same way the colours of a canvas awning will, so you won't need to worry about replacing your awning in a few years' time.

2. Aluminium Awnings Don't Flex

Canvas awnings will flex slightly. Even if they are tight as a drum one day, the material will start to loosen and dip down as the days go by, this might not sound like a problem, but it becomes annoying when it's raining since water will collect in the dip of the canvas, as will plenty of fallen leaves. If you don't get rid of that water and debris, your canvas awning will become a breeding ground for mould. It's not a problem you'll face with an aluminium awning – water will continue running right off for years to come.

3. Aluminium Awnings Require Little Maintenance

Aluminium awnings might be more expensive than canvas ones, but they do save considerable time and money on maintenance. While canvas awnings will occasionally need to be taken down and washed, all you need to do to clean off an aluminium awning is direct your hose at it for a few seconds. This is one reason businesses tend to use aluminium awnings instead of canvas ones – they're so much easier to take care of.

4. Aluminium Awnings Look Better

Want another reason why businesses often prefer aluminium awnings? They look better. Canvas awnings can look fine, but an aluminium awning produces a more upscale appearance. Better yet, aluminium awnings stay looking their best for years to come, while canvas awnings quickly fade and become soiled. This is a particularly important point if your awning is going at the front of your home rather than the back – always important to maintain curb appeal.

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