Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Home Security Doors

Security doors are a great way to add a layer of security to your home, protecting your property and your family. They are especially good for those who don't want a complicated alarm system or anything that involves wiring and technology.

However, some homeowners might be afraid of installing security doors in their own home, simply because they have some misconceptions about their materials and about how they add security to the home. Note a few of those common misconceptions here, and be sure you get accurate information about any security feature you might be considering so you know if it's a good investment for your home.

Upgrading your own door

Many homeowners believe that they can upgrade a standard storm door, and receive the same level of security as they would from a security door. This upgrading might include a thicker deadbolt or a reinforced door frame.

It is true that these upgrades will make a storm door more secure, but a reinforced frame is not as strong as the frame that comes with an actual security door and which is bolted to the home's framework. A security door may also fit more snugly in its frame so that no one can slide a pry bar through any gap, forcing the door open. Also, security doors often have hidden hinges, so that these can't be pried open, and will be made of a solid steel, of wood with a steel inner core or of a very dense wood species that doesn't splinter or crack easily for even more strength that you can't achieve with an upgraded storm door.

Custom made

Another common misconception about security doors is that they're all ugly! It is true that a plain steel door might not be very attractive for a residential home, but solid wood doors can enhance a home's entryway, and be made with decorative fronts that also add to its appearance. It's also not as expensive as you might assume to have a security door custom made, with a more ornate wood carving on the front.

No matter their materials, security doors can also be painted or powder coated virtually any colour, so you can have a bold red front door, or one that is a crisp white or stark black, to blend with your home's overall decor and exterior colours. Don't let a misconception about their appearance put you off from investing in a security door, but ask a manufacturer about your options for something custom made, or with a custom paint job, to suit your preferences.

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