Avoid These Mistakes When Using a Self-Storage Unit

A self storage unit can be a great choice for those who live in an apartment or small house and who don't have enough room at home to keep all their "stuff." Items that are crammed into a closet or small garage, or that are constantly underfoot, can get easily damaged or misplaced, and a cramped living space can cause stress and anxiety for everyone in the family. If you are thinking about using a self-storage unit, note a few mistakes to avoid and important considerations to keep in mind, and this can help ensure that you use a self-storage unit properly.

Storing food

Never store any food in a self-storage unit, unless you put those food containers in a heavy-duty plastic or rubber tote and ensure it's sealed properly. Boxes and bags that are used for food items are usually very porous, so they can easily absorb humidity while in storage. This can cause the food items inside to spoil and the containers themselves to crumble away, which can then lead to a pest infestation of your entire unit.

Even if you do use thick and durable totes and bins for food, note how long they will be in storage and be sure you double-check their expiration dates before using them. You may not think that items like pet food, canned soup or bagged rice can spoil, but these items will break down over time and then be unsafe for consumption. Use caution and good judgment when deciding if you want to store food in your self-storage unit, and toss out anything that even looks or smells odd when you retrieve it from the unit.

Not insuring items

Self-storage companies are not responsible for your items or any damage they suffer while being stored in one of their units. You may not think that your items are so valuable that they should be insured, but consider the amount of money it would take to replace damaged or stolen furniture and clothing. This cost is even higher if you use the unit to store tools for your business and sporting goods like skis and bikes.

Rather than risk that cost, talk to your homeowner's insurance company, or even the company through which you have your car insurance, about adding insurance for your stored items. These companies may offer a very affordable rider or add-on for these items and which will then protect you financially in case those items are damaged while stored.

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