2 Fencing Options to Consider for Your Pool

If you have decided to construct a pool on your property, you will also have to consider what type of fencing that you will use around its perimeter.

There are three main reasons why you would choose to have pool fencing. These reasons include ornamentation for your pool area, security around your pool especially if you have children or pets and lastly for privacy reasons if you live in proximity to your neighbours.

Luckily, you can get a pool fencing that would satisfy one of these needs or all three. As such, your requirements would largely dictate what type of fencing you should invest in. So what are some of your options for pool fencing?

1. Chain-link pool fencing

If you are looking for an economical fencing, chain link fencing would be one of the cheapest options that you could consider. This type of fencing would primarily function to provide you with safety as it would keep small children and pets from accessing the pool area unattended. However, since the fencing is see-through, it will not be a suitable option for homeowners who are seeking privacy from their fencing.

A misconception some people may have is that chain-link fencing will not add any aesthetic value to their pool area. The truth is you can opt to have this fence powder coated in a wide assortment of colour to enhance its attractiveness. Additionally, you can use other materials in tandem with the chain-link fencing to make it look unique and visually appealing.

2. Ornamental aluminium pool fencing

Unlike regular aluminium fencing, this type of fencing is manufactured using hollow tubes of metal rather than solid aluminium. Once the fence is created, the manufacturers will ionise the fencing using a wide assortment of colours. As such, you will not be limited to the silver-grey colour of natural aluminium. In addition to this, the ionisation process ensures that the colour of the fencing will not fade or chip over time as it will have adhered onto the fence like a second skin.

Since this type of fencing is ornamental, you will find you have a myriad of design options to choose from. When it comes to selecting the style and configuration of your pool fencing, only your creativity can limit you. Ornamental aluminium fencing is functional as both security fencing as well as privacy fencing depending on the design that you will decide on.

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