3 Essential Design Elements For An Entertainer's Dream Kitchen

Kitchens are often considered the most important room in the home. If you're an avid entertainer, then this is probably even truer. If you're a big fan of having family and friends over for meals and relaxation and planning a kitchen renovation, then coming up with a design that will make your new space a practical, attractive and inviting one is no doubt one of your top priorities. Here are three essential design features that are must-haves in your dream entertainer's kitchen.

1. An island bench

Island benches are a popular addition to many contemporary kitchens. If your kitchen is going to be the central hub of social activity in your home, then an island bench is an essential way to achieve this.

Island benches provide you with plenty of space to prepare and serve food and increase the storage space of your kitchen enormously. They also act as an informal dining space or an area for guests to sit and chat with you as you cook.

2. A scullery

Sculleries, which are often called Butler's pantries, are an increasingly common feature in kitchens of people who love to play host. They're essentially a smaller sized, behind the scenes kitchen that can be closed off from the main, front of house part of the room.

Generally, the scullery houses the less glamorous appliances, such as the dishwasher and the microwave, as well as the larder and often a second fridge or chest freezer. Many people also add an extra sink so that after dining, the dirty dishes can be whisked away out of sight, keeping the main area clean and clutter-free.

3. A serving hatch

Entertaining in Australia almost always involves alfresco dining. Modern homes and renovation projects have evolved to reflect this and it's very common to integrate outdoor and indoor dining spaces through open-plan layouts and features like bifold doors.

You can also open up your new kitchen to your deck or patio by adding a serving hatch as an element of your kitchen design. These hatches generally tilt open horizontally or slide open vertically. Adding a breakfast bar with seating to the exterior side means you'll still be able to socialise with your guests when you're inside the kitchen cooking.

You may like one or more of these ideas and want to incorporate them into the design of your kitchen renovation project. Your kitchen designer and installer will be able to help you to fine tune these ideas and make them look and function perfectly in your new kitchen.

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