4 Reasons Ottoman Underbed Storage Beats Under-Bed Drawers

Under-bed storage options represent a great way to increase the amount of storage space in your bedroom. However, you shouldn't necessarily go for the old-fashioned option, where drawers are pulled out from either side to reveal storage nooks. Instead, think about picking Ottoman bed storage - pneumatic gas pistons help lift up the entire mattress to provide access to a huge storage area. 

Here are just four reasons why Ottoman under-bed storage is the way to go.

1. Make Full Use of Under-Bed Space

The whole point of utilizing the space under your bed is to increase the amount of storage space in your bedroom. Unfortunately, draws don't make full use of that area. They don't always extend the full length or width of the bed, and they tend to be raised quite high off the floor. Even worse, you'll mostly find several under-bed drawers instead of one large one, so that space is broken up and unable to accommodate larger items. Not so with Ottoman bed storage. The space isn't divided, and almost all the room beneath your mattress can be used.

2. View Everything at Once

One of the issues with under-bed drawers is that you have to pull them all out one by one to find what you're looking for. Since you must bend right over to search through them all, this can be pretty annoying – it's why most people only use drawers for things they don't often need. But Ottoman under-bed storage is different. When you lift the mattress, you'll be able to see everything laid out right beneath you. Organisation becomes a lot easier.

3. Store Heavier Objects

When your store items in an Ottoman bed, you're either lying them right on the floor or on a panel that rests just above it, so you can pile in heavier items without worrying about causing any damage. The same isn't true when you rely on under-bed drawers. Their rollers can only bear so much weight before buckling, so you can't store anything too heavy.

4. Clean with Ease

Finally, consider your cleaning needs. Even if you aren't storing anything particularly precious or expensive, you'll want to know it's kept in a clean environment. Drawers are quite tough to clean since you need to pull them right out to get at each corner. Additionally, there's no way to get at the dust in the under-bed area that drawers slide into, and that dust can rise up to coat whatever you keep in the drawers themselves. Cleaning is so much easier with an Ottoman bed – simply raise the mattress, remove the contents, and get everything done at once.

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