Ideas for Combining a Wooden Deck With a Stone Patio

In some cases, you may want to combine a traditional wooden deck with a stone patio. There are all kinds of designs that you may want to consider. To get ideas, check out these suggestions.

Utilise the Patio for Items That Aren't Wood Friendly

Besides the aesthetic appeal, one of the reasons people combine wooden decks with stone patios is for functional reasons. A hot tub, for example, can be quite heavy to place on a wooden deck, and you may need to add reinforcements. If you simply place it on a stone patio, that is a lot easier.

Similarly, having fires on a wooden deck can be risky. If you want to be on the safe side, you may want a stone patio for your fire pit.

Set Up Separate Areas

Even if you don't have a hot tub or a fire pit, a stone patio combined with a wood deck can help you create different living spaces in your yard. For example, you may want an outdoor kitchen on your patio and a dining area on your wood deck. Alternatively, you may want a dining area and a grill on the wood deck and a lounge area on the stone patio.

Use Wide Wood Stairs to Transition Between Areas

Regardless of how you use these two areas, you need to transition between them. Wide wood stairs work both from a functional and aesthetic standpoint. Imagine a low-slung wooden deck with one or two shallow steps surrounding the entire thing, leading to a patio that also surrounds the entire deck. Alternatively, consider a deck that is open on one side with steps leading to a patio on that same side.

Tie Together Spaces With Stone Walls

In addition to creating a transition between the two areas, you also need to tie the areas together. Stone walls can be a part of that process. Rather than having wooden railings on your deck, consider putting stone walls along the side of the deck and around some of the patio. Make sure the stones in the wall match the patio stones.

Opt for an Overhead Deck

You may also want to consider an overhead deck with a stone patio below it. For example, the deck could attach to a bedroom or sitting room on the first floor of your home, while the stone deck could be below that on the ground floor. With this approach, you get to combine the stone and wood elements. You also get to enjoy built-in shade for your patio.

To get more ideas, contact patio builders in your area. They can help you create a patio around your existing deck, or they can help you come up with ideas on how to do everything from scratch.

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