Choosing the right blinds for your home

Once you've made the decision to install blinds in your home, you still have some choices to make. There are a wide range of different styles to choose from, each with its own advantages. To make your decision easier, it helps to think of these different blinds in terms of three main categories. 

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds consist of a system of horizontal slats that rotate to block out light or let it in. These blinds are typically made of wood or vinyl; if you're buying vinyl blinds, you'll find that they come in a range of colours, which makes it easy to fit them in with a room's colour scheme. Venetian blinds are easy to use and keep clean; a little regular maintenance will help keep wooden blinds looking new for a long time. They give you precise control over the amount of sun in a room, which makes them a great choice for rooms that receive a lot of sun at certain times of the day or that have multiple uses requiring different lighting. 

Roman blinds

These pleated fabric blinds hang down over a window; raise or lower them to control the amount of sun the room receives. Since they're made of fabric, you can get them in a range of colours and patterns. This versatility makes them ideal for bedrooms, where you can use them to create additional decoration when the blind is down. They also give a full view out of the window when raised, which is perfect for rooms with a view you want to enjoy. 

Roller blinds

Like Roman blinds, roller blinds are fabric. As the name implies, they roll up when not in use. As a result, these unobtrusive blinds work well with many different room designs, particularly minimalist designs. When choosing fabric for roller blinds, you have a number of options available to you. A slightly translucent fabric that filters light is common, but you can buy heavier black-out blinds or choose solar protection blinds that minimise the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. 

Plantation shutters

Although not actually blinds, plantation shutters have the same purpose and are often sold by the same businesses. These long-lasting wooden internal shutters feature large louvres that let in light while still blocking the view from outside. Installing these shutters is more complex than installing most blinds, but their classic, substantial appearance makes them appealing. They're also highly energy-efficient for rooms where conserving heat is important. 

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