A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Curtain Styles and Fabric

The curtain fabric and styles you choose for your home's interior will be very important, as curtains need to provide privacy and light blockage, but should also look stylish in the home and complement the rest of a room's decor. The fabric you choose for curtains will affect how well they block light as well as how they actually hang from the rod, and of course some fabrics will be more durable and easier to clean than others. To ensure you opt for the best curtains for your home's interior, note a few important tips to keep in mind when shopping.

Width of windows

If you have long and wide windows, consider how the fabric will hang from the rod when they're closed. If you don't buy lightweight fabric that is wide enough for those windows, they may hang very straight once they're closed, and this may not be a look that you like. Closed curtains that still have some fold to the fabric or a bit of movement often look better in a room, so keep this in mind for wider windows. Choose a lightweight cotton and silk blend, or a nylon fabric, and be sure the curtains are wide enough to offer a bit of fold even when closed, rather than sitting flat against the windows.

Thread count

As with sheets and other linens, thread count will affect the overall quality of curtain fabric. Fabric with a higher thread count will be thicker and more durable against washing and dry cleaning. You may also notice less "pilling" and loose threads with materials that have a high thread count, so that these curtains last longer over the years. Don't confuse thread count with weave, however, as the weave of fabric often creates a design or some texture and depth to the fabric itself, but doesn't necessarily mean the fabric has a higher thread count.

Room's decor

Choose the fabric of your curtains to coordinate with the room's overall decor and existing fabrics. If you have a traditional home with earth tone fabrics, a thick cotton curtain will probably be the best fit. If you have very rich and elegant touches in the room, such as large artwork on the wall and antique wood furniture, opt for heavy velvet drapes to add to that classic and rich look. In a modern home with minimal furniture and accessories, lightweight linen or nylon can keep the windows looking light and airy, and this fabric won't overwhelm the room.

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