3 Simples Changes to Make a Home's Bathroom Safe for Aging Parents

If your parents are getting a bit elderly, they may not want to move out of their family home, but may be struggling to get around and to stay safe in that home. Making some changes to that home can keep your aging parents safer, allowing them to stay there while also reducing their risk of accidents and injuries. Since many such accidents happen in the bathroom, note a few changes you might make in this room alone, to make it safer for your aging parents and to reduce their risk of injuries.

Install a water temperature regulator

Elderly persons often struggle to control the temperature of hot water, especially in the shower, as their reflexes may not be as fast as they once were, and they may struggle to bend and reach the shower controls. In turn, they may not be able to reduce the temperature of the water in the shower very quickly, if they notice it becoming too hot. This can actually lead to burns and abrasions, especially on the sensitive skin of an older person. A water temperature regulator, which doesn't allow hot water to get beyond a certain temperature, can reduce these risks in the shower.

Upgrade the flooring

Slips and falls are very common with elderly persons, especially if they have arthritis in the knees, hips, and elsewhere. This risk is increased on wet, slippery tile floors. Note the flooring of the bathroom in the home and change the tile to something with more traction, if needed. Be sure any bath mats they're using have very strong, non-slip surfaces, and install hand rails on all the bathroom walls, so your parents can keep themselves balanced and upright.

Install shower screens

Shower curtains are not typically safe for someone with balance issues, as curtains may get in the way of that person trying to step into a bathtub. A glass shower screen can actually help your parent or parents in and out of the shower, as it's affixed to the wall and offers a strong and steady surface for them to grasp.

Changing to a glass shower screen can be even more important if your parent is in a wheelchair and will need to move the chair in and out of the shower area, or transfer to a shower stool, as a billowy shower curtain can easily get under the wheels of their chair or get in their way during that transfer. Opt for a shower screen that opens up the space and stays out of their way in the shower, for greater safety.

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