3 Ways to Increase Privacy for Your Home's Patio Area

With summer and the Christmas period fast approaching, patios around the country will be getting frequent use. They make the perfect place for family get-togethers or just relaxing in the warm weather. Unfortunately, for many people who live in suburban homes, you may feel like you have little privacy from your neighbours while you're using your outdoor space.

Short of moving to a rural home in the middle of nowhere with neighbours miles away, the best way to make your patio feel more private is to add some privacy screening. Here are three options for privacy screens that you might like to consider.

1. Aluminium privacy screens

Aluminium privacy screens are a stylish and contemporary way to increase the privacy on your patio. These screens are commonly used in modern home design as both a functional and visually appealing addition. They come in a range of different heights and lengths and use fixed aluminium louvres to create a visual barrier while still allowing light and breeze to enter your patio area.

You can choose from a wide selection of colours and finishes to ensure that your aluminium privacy screens complement and match your home's exterior design. You can also have them custom made to your exact specifications if you have a space to cover that is a size or shape that doesn't meet the standard, prefabricated screens.

2. Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are essentially the same as indoor blinds in how they are installed and operated. However, they're made from fabric that is designed to be used in outdoor environments and is resistant to fading and damage from the sun or rain. The fabric has the added benefit of providing protection from the harmful UV rays of the summer sun.

Outdoor blinds are a good option if you want to increase your patio's privacy but like the flexibility of being able to open up the area if you like. Blinds can be rolled up and stored unobtrusively along the roofline of your patio when not required.

3. Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are another stylish yet functional way to make your patio area more private. They're generally made from either timber or aluminium and are a beautiful option if you have a period home or a home that has a Hamptons style look to the exterior.

Plantation shutters provide you with the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to choosing your privacy level. They can be opened up entirely, fully closed or closed but with the louvres in an open position. They're also a great choice if you like to use your patio during the cooler months because they provide an effective layer of insulation that will make your patio a warmer environment.

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