Container Gardening: Three Crucial Considerations for Plant Species Selection

If you are planning on planting flowers or shrubs in pots, you must think about some crucial factors which will affect your success. One of these fundamental aspects is the plant species that you will acquire for the container garden. Often, potential gardeners become overwhelmed in plant nurseries after discovering the numerous possible options. This panic can lead to wrong decisions and gardening failures. Therefore, if you are a first-time gardener, consider these outlined factors before choosing suitable plants for your pots.

Pot and Plant Size

You should evaluate the potential sizes of your containers before purchasing your plants. If you match the wrong pot and plant size, the results could be disastrous. For example, the combination could become unattractive. Also, the plant could outgrow the container, causing significant growth problems. In general, it is advisable to choose a plant with the same potential height as the container. This arrangement has the best visual impact for both tall and short plants. Also, you should note that short and small flora will not work well with tall pots. However, you can plant multiple little flowers in a wide container for a bushy look. When choosing your species, you must always check the height of the grown shrub, tree or flower. 

Plant Placement

You should know the placement of your container garden or individual pots before purchasing plants for your project. This factor is critical because it will determine the amount of sunlight that the plants will receive. You should make notes on your chosen areas for the garden. If you are planning on placing the pots in the open outdoors, you can select species which thrive in full sun. If the garden is on a deck, porch or window sills, it will receive both sun and shade. So, you can choose a plant which thrives in any condition. Indoor house plants should be shade-loving species. 

Maintenance Requirements

Finally, you should evaluate the maintenance requirements of the potential container garden plants. If you are a complete beginner with other responsibilities, you should choose a drought-tolerant option at the beginning. This type of flora will not die off, even if you forget about watering for some time. If you have time to nurture a beautiful garden, you can choose more labour-intensive plants. Some require special nutritional requirements and precise watering timetables. You should make sure not to overestimate your capabilities.

If you are not certain about the right choice, you should consult an expert from a local plant nursery like Din San Nursery for personalised advice. 

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